Happy Feet Testimonials

Happy Feet Seniors 2015

Words from the senior students 2015


'Where to begin? So many shows, dances and memories that will doubtlessly stay by my side for years to come. I can't image quite what I'd have done all this time if I hadn't been dancing and I'll never stop. I've achieved so much in my time at happy feet that I shouldn't have otherwise, not only learning musical theatre technique and jazz hands and the importance of a smile but also getting to enjoy group work with some of the kindest people, best friends I have ever met. You've made this past decade and a half a joy and I wish you all the best in future. And I can't forget to thank not only Vince for all he has done but also of course Anne for teaching me everything I know about dance (and how to whistle). No words will express the gratitude I feel for all the guidance you have given me in my years and I will miss you sorely when I go.'


'I've been with Happy Feet since I was three years old and it's bizarre to think that my time here is coming to an end. Happy Feet has really boosted my confidence, and I've met so many great people through dancing, but most importantly, it's always been great fun. Thank you so much, Anne, for teaching me to dance, and for everything else you've done for all of us for the last fifteen years.'


'It's amazing how quickly time has gone by since I first joined Happy Feet 13 years ago - it's scary to think that this will be my last ever show! I have enjoyed every moment of being at Happy Feet, dancing on stage has allowed me to express myself and as a result has made me feel more and more confident throughout the years. Anne, I can't thank you enough for making my time at Happy Feet an enjoyable one. I will miss the classes, the people and being on stage - these are the memories that I will never forget. If only I could turn back time and do the shows all over again!'


'I would like to say a huge thank you to Anne for the fabulous 12 years I have danced with Happy Feet. I have made many life-long friends and had some great memories, from crazy classes to spectacular show weekends! Over the years I have gained much more confidence and many other skills which I will use throughout the rest of my life. I'm going to miss you all so much, its going to feel strange not seeing you all every week! I wish everyone else who's leaving the best of luck for the future. And finally to younger members of Happy Feet I hope you continue to enjoy your time here and keep dancing!!!'

Sophie H

'I've been part of this family for 15 years now. I can't begin to thank Anne enough for all the help and support that she's given me throughout my time with her. She helped me discover that musical theatre is my vocation and more importantly helped me pursue my passion for choreography. Without Anne going the extra mile, I would not be continuing my training and progression within the musical theatre industry. Her encouragement, dedication and the grounding she gives assisted me greatly in gaining a place at The Brit School. It has been full of amazing experiences and opportunities and I'm hoping to continue with my training when my time there is finished. I have met some of my closet friends through Happy Feet making every class and show even more memorable. Thank you to everyone associated with Happy Feet throughout my time, it will always be a big part of me.'


'I've been a part of Happy Feet for 11 years now and it only seems like yesterday when I first stepped out onto the stage as 'Fred' with those Seven Little Girls! Back then, learning dance steps did not come easily, but with the patience and support of Anne,I have come so far and grown in confidence, not only as a dancer and a singer,but also in myself as a person. I am extremely grateful to Anne, Vince and everyone else for making Happy Feet such a fun and welcoming place, and I will miss the laughs,the drama,the music,the costumes(except perhaps the lycra sailor suit!), my fellow seniors and most of all the incredible atmosphere of the Hawth Theatre.'


'I may have only been in Happy Feet for a short while, but it feels like I've been here forever. It all started with my friend telling me about a musical theatre workshop that was happening and asked me to join her. After the workshop, I wanted to stay so I joined Musical Theatre and Jazz dance classes and felt so welcomed from the beginning. I've enjoyed the dances that Anne and Vince have choreographed in order to show the talents of the students. I wish I could stay forever but I can take the extra year after the show as the next best thing in order for me to continue my passion at the best dance school I've been to.'


'It still hasn't sunk in that this will be my last show at Happy Feet and the past 12 years are coming to an end. The memories that I've gained here are irreplaceable and I feel so lucky to have shared them with the unique, talented and crazy "Happy Feeter's." Anne's taught me so much across the years, from pointing my toes to realising how much I love performing and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be where I am now, training at The Brit School in Musical Theatre. I've grown so much as a person and Anne's always encouraged me to believe in myself. So thankyou to everyone who is part of the Happy Feet family for making the last 12 years, so special.'


'"Happy feet, I've got those happy feet!" And I've had them for 13 happy years and so long may they continue, but for now, my time draws to an end at the most fun and enjoyable dance school around! I thank Anne for always encouraging, building confidence and pushing me to be the best I can and I have enjoyed every moment. I will cherish the time I spent helping to teach the little ones their good toes and bad toes, and especially the times I've spent being a bubble or a fairy and even the one occasion, a tree!! Thank you Anne for giving me the most amazing memories with my dancing family, Love from the little girl on the music box. xx'

Sophie M

'I can't believe I've been at Happy Feet for 10 years now, or that my time at Happy Feet has come to an end! It doesn't feel like that long ago when I first started Jazz at the age of 7, and we were rehearsing for Little April Showers. I've had so much fun at all of the classes, and have made some great friends. Thank you to everyone who has made my time at Happy Feet so enjoyable. Thank you Anne for the making the past 10 years so enjoyable with 5 great shows, and thank you Vince for your classes for the past 18 months, and I can safely say the one thing I won't miss is the warm-up at the start of every class! Now let's go "From The Top."'


'Over the 15 years I have been at Happy Feet, I have massively grown in confidence. It has completely transformed who I am and I believe that having had such an understanding teacher in Anne has had a huge influence on how I have developed as a performer. I am very sad to leave everyone, although excited to start doing musical theatre at a degree level!'