About the Classes

Happy Feet

Musical Theatre

From age 4. Varied, structured and fun classes incorporating the foundation of ballet, song and dance, corner combination, drama improvisations and many performance skills through the term.

Theatre Jazz

From age 6. These lively classes are structured to limber and build students' strength and stamina, enjoying the freedom of modern dance combinations.


These classes are for invited students who are showing potential in their dance training and who would benefit from a more challenging class.

Theatre Tap

From age 6. A great class for all ages to enjoy. Students learn the foundation to tap with an appreciation of the many varied tap rhythms and combinations.


From age 8 and above. These classes explore each students' voice as well as the sound as a chorus. With varied styles and genres we develop the performance skills through song while teaching and strengthening vocal techniques.

Master Classes

From time to time Happy Feet invites guest teachers to take class. This is usually the more senior classes, bringing new and varied choreography and new methods of teaching.

Required Uniform

The details for the required uniform for each of the classes is included in this document, which is in PDF format (if you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it for free).

Happy Feet uniform must be worn in class. Students are required to have the full uniform by the time they have completed their first three weeks. This is essential to the school's requirements. Please ensure that uniform is always clean and in good condition. Please make sure all parts of uniform are clearly marked with pupils' names.

Jewellery, face paints, tattoos, hair accessories and nail varnish are not to be worn at class.

'A dancer should always be well-groomed. It is a large part of the self-discipline which is an essential part of the dance training itself.'


Must be worn up in the required manner for all classes. A high pony-tail with small black hair tie or a neat bun. All fringes must be neatly pinned back off the face. Short hair must be taken away from the face and neck as much as possible. No fringes.This allows full lines of the neck and head to be seen, and importantly is not a distraction to the pupil.